Time Is Flying

I just seriously don’t understand how it is already September 14th. In four days I’ll have been here a month?! Time is a funny, funny thing.

In the past few weeks life has settled out into a normal pace and schedule which I couldn’t be more grateful for. The first 3 weeks here were basically an extended vacation, full of sight-seeing, traveling, eating, and learning Hungarian. And it was fabulous. However, a schedule now is very much welcomed.

Now, classes have started, the temperature is dropping, and I’m beginning to spend my evenings mildly immersed in homework. (yes, mildly.) The two classes that we Americans are taking through our Calvin professor have been great. They’re a perfect blend of culture and history and so of course, I couldn’t be happier.

We’ve also finished our first week of classes at our respective universities, and for me that’s Corvinus University, situated right on the Danube river. The buildings are gorgeous (shocker) and everyone is dressed to the nines. Am I going to school or to an opera?? And being a classic klutzy American, I took the opportunity to rip one of my sandals with my first step onto campus the first day. Can’t be too put together, haha right? Eh.

Truth be told, my favorite part of the classes are meeting fellow students; they come from all over the world and they’re incredibly fun to talk to. The classes themselves are a bit meh, but they’re easy and sorta interesting so they’ll just have to be taken with a grain of salt.

Additionally, on Wednesdays my ESL group will travel to a trade school to teach English and to work alongside of an English club-I’m siked and a little nervous but mostly just siked.

So with that, I’m done with class on Tuesdays and teach on Wednesdays. Nothing says 4 day weekend like “4 day weekend!”

Studying at Calvin again will be rough.


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